• Award-Winning Portfolio

    We are an award-winning specialist consultancy, engineering and advisory firm headquartered in London and Dubai. Built on a foundation of some of the greatest minds in the industry, AESG is actively revolutionizing the industries we serve across our UK and international markets.

  • Consultancy of Choice

    Our mission is to continue to be the consultancy of choice for Clients, to solve their greatest challenges. We are focused and driven by our collective passion, vision and expertise.

  • Possess decades of global experience

    We offer fully integrated specialist services and specialize in advanced performance within the built environment. With decades of accumulated experience, AESG’s team of experts provide consultancy services including fire engineering, fire and life safety, sustainability, commissioning, acoustics and facades to our UK clients.

About AESG

AESG is a world leading Specialist Consultancy, Engineering and Advisory firm headquartered in London and Dubai, working throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

We pride ourselves in being leaders in the industry in each of the services that we offer across our UK and international markets.

With decades of cumulative experience, our dedicated team offers unparalleled expertise in sustainable building design, fire and life safety, fire engineering, façade engineering, commissioning, waste management, environmental consultancy, energy management and acoustics.

AESG’s key differentiator is this multi-disciplinary team approach which ensures that its solutions are integrated across all disciplines, while remaining true to the core ambition of the company to promote and enhance the sustainability of the built environment.

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'AESG - Sustainability Consultant in London

Latest Perspectives

Perspectives / February 26, 2020

What is External Wall Fire Review (EWS1) and What does it mean to You?

AESG are fully qualified and competent to conduct External Wall Fire Reviews with the collaboration between our Fire and Life Safety and Façade Engineering Departments.

Perspectives / November 4, 2019

Quest towards Urban Resilience: Climate Change Impacts and Design Solutions

Building resilience in cities is essential to not only make populations and infrastructure less susceptible to damage and loss but also to be more agile to the unpredictable nature of climate change impacts.

Perspectives / July 10, 2019

Facades and Sustainable Architecture

Tall skyscrapers today dominate the skylines of major cities across the Middle East and these frequently incorporate fully-glazed facades to showcase modernity.


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