Data Centre Commissioning

Lower Cost, Increased ROI and Higher Reliability

With data centre commissioning our team empowers clients with innovative solutions that guarantee a highly efficient data centre facility.

In a data centre world, the process of data centre commissioning involves the reviewing and testing of the data centre’s physical infrastructure design by our team, to ensure the highest levels of reliability and efficiency are met, in line with the design.

Reduced construction problems, faster construction, increased uptime, fewer repairs and higher availability as well as quick fixes, lower cost and increased ROI are the greatest value that commissioning provides for data centre facilities.

With the use of BIM, our cloud-based data management platform – Data+, IST testing, energy modelling and digital twins, we empower clients with the most innovative and rounded solutions that guarantee a well-equipped, high quality, highly efficient data centre facility.


Data Centre Commissioning
January 20, 2020

Data Centre Commissioning

Our Services include:
  • Coordinating handover activities and facility management training
  • Pre-functional testing of building systems
  • Component error log
  • FAT and SAT witnessing
  • Collating and verifying commissioning results
  • Verification of IST
  • Coordinating functional testing of building systems
  • Managing Uptime Certification
  • Scripting checklists
  • Reviewing design and shop drawings