Fire Safety Engineering

Fire Safety Engineering

With decades of global experience in providing engineering and advisory services to UK clients in the construction sector, AESG’s fire engineering and fire safety consulting team in London are well-equipped with expertise to solve your greatest challenges. Our commitment to sustainable urban development is closely tied with our philosophy for our fire engineering and fire safety consultancy where we ensure that we have considered all available options in the solutions we provide.

Our team are well versed in all local and international requirements and best practice, including Approved Document B, BS 9999 and BS 7974. Staying on top of the latest industry developments, we provide clients with solutions to key challenges faced throughout the development process, such as the External Wall Fire Review and the EWS1 form. We are also on top of the latest developments in the performance and risk-based fire engineering field.

Our key focuses include the development of fire safety strategies for new developments, developments under construction and existing buildings. Our strategies provide improved operability and maintainability of recommended and installed fire safety systems, evacuation policies, internal and external passive fire spread prevention and non-combustible façade design. Through close coordination with our clients and partners including the architect, façade engineers, contractors and wider team members for a fully coordinated approach.

Our knowledge is what empowers us to deliver a depth of knowledge that has proven necessary in providing our clients with technically practical and feasible solutions.

AESG’s Fire and Life Safety team in the UK provide golden thread fire engineering services that include strategic coordination to achieve phased handovers (made more complicated by new regulations), guidance through the new regulatory requirements (Gateway process), technical collaboration with our Façade engineering specialists and material selection and quality control.

Our Services include:
  • Fire and Life Safety Strategy and Design
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Engineering (including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Egress Modelling etc.)
  • Testing and Commissioning for Fire and Life Safety Systems
  • Fire Systems Design and Engineering
  • Consultation with Approval Authorities
  • Cause and Effect Matrices
  • Construction Supervision
  • Code Compliance Audits
  • External Wall Fire Review (EWS1 form)
  • Fire Safety Management Plans